Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast - WLP518

Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast - WLP518

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Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast - White Labs

Sourced from our friend Lars Marius Garshol, this kveik strain was isolated from a mixed culture which belonged to Harald Opshaug, a farmhouse brewer in Stranda, Norway. This strain was originally used in the 1990s to produce several kornøl-style beers. It is a clean fermenting yeast and has tolerated temperatures up to 95°F (35°C) while finishing fermentation within three to four days. The hop-forward, clean characteristics of this strain make it ideal for IPAs and pale ales.

Recommended Styles - Any ale!

Attenuation -  70-80%

Flocculation - Medium to High

Optimal Fermentation Temp - 77-95°F (25-35°C)