Columbus - 2oz & 1lb

Columbus - 2oz & 1lb

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Description:  The exact lineage of the proprietary hop Columbus is unknown. Its namesake was created in part as the result of a legal dispute between Hopunion and Yakima Chief when both parties attempted to patent the same hop. Yakima Chief's variety was named Tomahawk™.  Columbus is sometimes referred to as CTZ (Columbus, Tomahawk™ and Zues) though it is genetically distinct from Zues hops. It features a punchy hoppiness and deep, pensive aroma with understated citrus notes. Commonly used late in the boil and, when fresh, Columbus has a herbal flavour with a lemon citrus back note and is commonly used late in the boil, It also makes a great addition when dry hopping to bring out more lemon citrus notes.  

Alpha Acid: 14.5 – 16.5%

Usage: Dual Purpose

Beer Styles: Pale Ales, IPAs, Stouts, Barley wines

Region: USA