East Kent Golding

East Kent Golding

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Description: East Kent Golding is often thought of as the ultimate English hop. Grown exclusively in Kent, England and descended from Canterbury Whitebine, it is a centuries old variety. It has a good yield in England, but has shown to have an even better yield in Oregon after its introduction there in 1994. It has an amazing aroma profile with lavender, spice, honey and notes of thyme. Flavor-wise it is earthy and mildly bittering with a sweet, silky, honey-like character. East Kent Golding is considered to be the quintessential English hop, long held as one of the island's favorites for ales and pale ales.

Alpha Acid: 7.5-11%

Possible Substituions: US Golding, Fuggles

Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Ale, Pale Ale

Region: UK