Czech Saaz

Czech Saaz

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Description: Saaz is one of the four original Noble hops and has a distinctive and classic aroma. Known for its prominent use in Stella Artois and countless Bohemian Lagers and Pilsners Its warm, herbal character stems from a high level of farnesene while its other oils are in fair balance.With such a low alpha acid percentage, Saaz is inarguably an aroma hop, however, when used as an early addition it is thought to add a delicate bitterness. Additionally, its elevated content of polyphenols aids in abating oxidation, giving beer brewed with Saaz a notably longer shelf life. 

Alpha Acid: 2 - 5%

Possible Substituions: US Saaz, Sterling

Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Pilsner, Lagers, Belgian Ale and Lambic

Region: Czech Republic